For the dedicated traveler with deep interest in history, geography, geology
and ethnic cultures
Based on the documentary "Forsaken Paths", follow the Cepni tribe's track to
the high pastures.
The best way to experience Turkish waters; hike, swim, relax, dine and read in tranquil coves.
A place that can not be described but could only be experienced.

Best combination of travel in nature, history with comfort and style

History in depth from Istanbul to Troy, Pergamon, Ephesus, Miletos and Aphrodisias.
Not only is the scenery spectacular, but everywhere are to be seen the
edifices from Urartian, Georgian, Armenian, Pontic, Seljuk, and Ottomans.

Pagan gods, early Christian disciples, eastern philosophers medieval Sufi
mystic scholars merge all in Turkey's present mosaic

The imperial city between two continents made unique and timeless by the Bosporus

First Rome was pagan, then Christian Byzantine Empire and finally The
Ottomans inheriting both while adding Islam.
The magic light what we are always after with passion is visible only a few seconds at the very beginning of daylight 

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