Blue Waters

The gulet is the boat measuring 80-110 feet, with 6-8 cabins, two masts, five sails and a roomy deck at the stern. Gulets that are made of pine, mulberry or mahogany are the modern version of the ancient cargo bearing craft which used to trade along the coast of Asia Minor. The original design has evolved into a comfortable cruising vessel with A/C installed and can accommodate for up to sixteen guests in double cabins. Each cabin has a separate toilet with wash basin and shower providing modern facilities and privacy. The gulets offer enough space to the passengers in the cabins, in the aisles and on the deck. Gulets have diesel engines and cruising time per day is around 2-4 hours. Whenever there is available wind sails could be unfurled.  

The food is cooked by on-board chef. You may want to hike to the nearby archaeological sites or relax in remote coves enjoying a swim. There  are no villages nearby and the water is crystal clear. 

For the very best Mediterranean cruise, you just can’t beat the Turquoise Coast; clear waters, outstanding scenery, calm inlets, rich variety of culture, small fishing villages, and stunning scenery make it a unique region to visit. And the best way to experience Turkish waters is to spend a week on a Gulet.    




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Blue Waters
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