An archeological tour through the western Turkey visiting the classical sites in ancient Aeolia, Ionia, Karia, Lycia and Pamphylia.

Hagia Sophia; “O Solomon, I have surpassed you.”

Emperor Justinian under the dome during the inauguration, 537.

Troy; “...In past days man told of tales of Priam’s city, rich in gold and rich in bronze...”

7th Century B.C. The Iliad, book 18

“The site fully agrees with the description Homer gives of Ilium...The hill seems destined by nature to carry a great city...there is no other place in the whole region to compare with it.”

H. Schlieman’s first search in the area, 1868.

Pergamon; “Disease is a result of malfunctioning among different organs in the body.”

Galen, physician, 2nd Century, B.C.

Ephesus; “Great is Artemis of the Ephesians!”

1st Century inhabitants rallying on the marble road in Ephesus.

Miletos; “Man can explain events around him without referring to Gods and Goddesses.”

Philosopher Tales’ comments on scientific approach, 7th Century BC.

Didyma; “The columns the temple of Apollo are entire an exquisitely fine, vast and noble that it is impossible to conceive greater beauty and majesty of ruin.”

R.Chantler’s description of the oracle center, 1764

Aphrodisias; “How can I describe our plentitude of finds; the monumental sculptured body of Aphrodite that after a rain appeared in a ruined wall...beautifully carved sarcophagi turned up by the passing plow...a cache of coins unearthed by a farmer doing his chores?”

Prof. Kenan Erim talking about his on site experience to  National Geographic Magazine writer J.Blair, 1972.



What to Bring

Imperial Ottoman
Caves and Castles
Turquoise Blue Waters
Gods Saints and Dervishes
Black Sea; Forsaken Paths
Emerald Hills and the East
Ararat and Nemrud
Magic Light


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