Ararat and Nemrud

This exciting and unique program is for the dedicated traveler with deep interest in history, geography, geology and ethnic cultures in areas seldom visited by tourist groups. It provides some of our “Emerald Hills and the East” and enhances it with more of Eastern Turkey, South East and Cappadocia.

You will visit the young dramatic volcanic Nemrud crater above Lake Van. A scenic drive will then gradually descend you through deep valleys to the plains of upper Mesopotamia. Diyarbakir with impressive medieval basalt walls along Tigris is home to ancient cultures and displays a colorful mosaic of Turkish, Kurdish and Arabic features.

Urfa is older than any remains might claim today. Harran with bee-hive houses is home to one of the oldest universities built next to an ancient temple of Moon God which is now a ruined mosque. Abraham must have seen a similar conglomerate of cultures while going from Ur to Canaan.

A visit to the mysteries mountain top tumulus of the king Antiochus at Nemrud sanctuary located at 7500 ft. always promises an unforgettable moment at sunrise or sunset. There will be plenty of time to visit the burial tombs, large stone slabs with bas-reliefs and Roman bridge at Cendere. Commagene dynasty controlled this strategic area between Persian east and Roman west.

Arriving in Cappadocia will bring your experience to the max. As one traveler put it in words; Cappadocia can not be described, it could only be experienced.



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Imperial Ottoman
Caves and Castles
Turquoise Blue Waters
Gods Saints and Dervishes
Black Sea; Forsaken Paths
Emerald Hills and the East
Ararat and Nemrud
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