The Last Shore
45 mins.


“The law rules that nothing can be built in the first 50 meter zone along the shore. Nothing, not even a fence.”
Former Major of Vakfikebir.

“Every stone dropped into the water is like a knife stabbed into our hearts.”
18 year old student.

“It feels as if I have lost a beloved one. It is so bitter. I am so sad”
A holiday maker now working in Germany.

“They would not had betrayed the sea, had they known and felt deep inside what it meant to us all.”
Regional columnist and retired teacher.

“My dream is to to extend this highway as far as Istanbul and unite it with the 3rd bridge across the Bosporus in the future. It will be the longest coastal highway in the world.”
The Prime Minister.


"Forsaken Paths"
"The Last Shore"

Imperial Ottoman
Caves and Castles
Turquoise Blue Waters
Gods Saints and Dervishes
Black Sea; Forsaken Paths
Emerald Hills and the East
Ararat and Nemrud
Magic Light


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