During a tour in Anatolia in mid 1980’s I was trying to understand why the director of a travel agency was so keen on visiting Turkey again and again.“There are many countries in the world that provide very professional service with ultra modern infrastructure,”she explained, “but most lack something that people in Turkey possess—the ability to interact with visitors and to smile. I hope that will never fade in the future.” 

Being a major travel destination for over 20 years, Turkey still possesses those qualities while also reaching world class standards in accommodation, infrastructure, service and know-how.  

Located at the crossroads of Asia and Europe, Turkey is the most western country of the east and the most exotic country in the western world. That blend of cultures offers unique perspectives to travelers: 10,000 years of archeological wonders, and three millennia of dramatic history that has helped shape our modern world, as well as our religious and political ideas. Its rich flora features more than 9,000 species with more than 3,000 being endemic. Turkey’s diverse geography offers rugged mountains in its ethnic East, lush and dramatic green landscapes in its central heartland, and the breathtaking fabled scenery of its Aegean and Mediterranean coastlines.

Whether browsing an ancient bazaar, dining on one the world’s great cuisines at one of Istanbul’s gourmet restaurants, resting at a roadside tea-coffee house, enjoying the comforts of a boutique hotel, or sharing time with a family in a remote village, travelers can expect to find unexpected delights. Turkey thrills the imagination, and long after you leave memories will draw you back again and again.


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